You may have read about it, New Zealand had one of its largest earthquakes in recent history this morning. And, we did not feel a thing.

We got on a train in Auckland yesterday morning and had a lovely ride thru the beautiful country side. Fantastic streams and rivers, beautiful mountain sides, lots of livestock both cattle and sheep. Just a really nice day.

Then, this morning, we were awakened by text messages from my son asking about the earthquake. We had not felt a thing and did not have the news on yet and did not know anything about what had happened.

We have since found out that the train track that we left from was covered with debris and that we probably would not have gotten out if it had happened in the morning. There were 17 buildings in the down town area that will need to be demolished as they are structurally unsound and these were within about a mile from our hotel.

We did not see or feel any of the effects of the earthquake, more evidence that we are being taken care of by God. He has his hands wrapped around us.