I have been having a pain along my left hip bone for months. Shortly after we got back from Ireland in the spring, I started having pains in my hip area. I was then told I might have hernia and needed it operated on.

I got it operated on and some of the pain lifted but it was around that time that I got my cancer diagnosed and forgot the hernia. So, the pain in my hip became secondary.

Well, that was a couple of months ago and the pain has persisted. It is the weirdest thing, it starts hurting about dusk and I cannot lay flat on my back or side without a lot of pain. I have to move to the recliner so that I can sleep for a while with pain pills. Then, about 2 – 3, I may be able to move back to the bed and sleep for a few hours.

So, I got a CAT scan and it was decided to use cyberknife to radiate the stuff that is causing the pain. I am currently open to anything until I find that it does not work, so it got started this afternoon.

I did not feel anything during the treatment, it is just like laying in one of the scan machines, no contact, just a tool that rotates around you while you lay on the table. The only time I felt anything is when the tech gave me the little ‘tatoo’ that showed where they are to align the laser the next time I have treatment.

I must say, so far, so good. No pain, no nausea, nothing and it may even be making me feel better. I will definitely be keeping you posted on how this comes out. It will be good news, bad news if it works. Good news because the pain will have been corrected. Bad news because I waited soooo long the get it performed.