This is about constipation, so, if anyone does not like the subject, move on.

I have had problems being regular all of my life. I can remember a very traumatic incident that occurred when I was in probably 6th grade. I had not thought about this in many years so it definitely needs to be gone.

Louise Hay says that forgiven anger and resentment can lead to cancer.

Reading her book, I have come up with a minimum of 4 resentments that I did not realize I had. For years, I have been telling my sponsor that I did not have any resentments and truly believed that to be fact.

I am 69 years old, been in AA 28 years and doing some of the work suggested (I now know that the only things I did were anything where I did not have to change my thinking) and thought that I did not have any resentments.

So, I have written them sent them via text to me so I do not ‘forget’ them, told my sponsor so we can work on them and am getting ready to begin writing. This, for me, is huge, following instructions.

What I have to say to anyone is do what your sponsor says, write it down and get it out. If you keep it between your ears, it will kill you.