getwellMy wife gave me this note today that she received from a friend. Thought you might get something from it.

Nothing new, home, job, cancer all enmeshed. I’m sending armies off too many directions – confused – need armies to go handle cancer. Don’t confuse issue with other things – we are getting this handled.

Subconscious will clearly understand the directions. Have the energy like it is handled. Believe it! Command the Universe to help. Make your intent clear – intend it.

Thank you God for your healing. Help me take this like a woman. Treat this as if it is handled. Want it gone.

What your resist persists – don’t resist cancer – your giving power to cancer by hating it or by anger or by ‘why me’. Hate gives cancer power.

It is handle, just havent gone thru, you have got to collect the handled thing.

Do not scatter your energies.

Play victim and you will be victim.

How I present this to others is how they’re going to take it. Have the ‘Its handled’ energy.

Bless the ‘Black Veil’ people. Pray for (bless them, change me) them and don’t be lured into their energy.

No scattered information. Visualize that it is already handled.

Treat God like he can handle it. Offer the cancer up to God. Ask this task in God’s name, no maudlin crap.

Cancer is poor, don’t feed it with poor me. – No poor me in any area.

The world has to answer my prayer. My lead – God will get this handled.

Not ‘oh my God, look what happened to me’ A lot of peope get cancer, even doctors can get it.

Take this stand with me. Work the steps – invite cancer to be gone, you’ve given it to God, perfectly healed.

I am healed in every perfect way.

God’s will be done, not mine.