Welcome to my blog, my journal, my walk thru recovery.

I am here to tell you that happiness is an inside job and that you can be happy no natter what. Not the giddy, chuckle happy. But, the ‘I know life is good’ kind of happiness.

I have heard and read many tales that show this to be true. From the plane flight that was missed (which subsequently crashed) to recognizing situations that make me say ‘thank you, God, that I am not experiencing that’.

I have been diagnosed with the big ‘C’ (cancer) and in the next couple of days will be getting the PET scan to get the diagnosis. Now, this could be a death warrant if I were to allow it, but I will not. (Wayne Dyer tells a story about a guy that had a spot show up on his x-ray that appeared to be cancer and he died sometime later of lung cancer. Come to find out, it was just a glitch in the x-ray, not cancer. He had manifested the cancer that killed him thru his belief.

I am a half glass full type of guy (a dear friend gave me the nick name of ‘Polly-Andy’ due to my positive attitude) and feel that this will help me thru this challenge.

I will be sharing my ‘experience, strength and hope’ here and you will probably see my up and down mood swings due to what ever type of treatment will be provided. It is my job to show you that this trip can be taken with grace and dignity.

The thing that I ask in return for visiting my ‘humble abode’ is prayers. I know that this will turn out the way it is supposed to. I just need the reinforcement.

PS Be patient with me for a bit about the appearance. This is brand new (as far as content) and I am still working on format).