One of the first things that was suggested when I got into AA was a good ass whippin. Because, If I was not ready, I would not stick around.

Well, my wife layed into me this morning in a good way. She told me that she thought I had given up and was scared and wanted me to get off my ass and get going.

We talked for most of the day on and off about what she is seeing and what I am doing (or not) and it was really good.

I love her and could not be going thru this without her support!

If you have a caregiver that loves you, work with her because she is probably scared of loosing you.

Eat 3 meals, exercise 2 times a day, take care of yourselves. Yall don’t need to be working against each other, work together. You started this this for a good reason, finish it for that same good reason.