This was not a fun day, had a bloody nose most of the day.

I think that a couple of years ago, I got a low grade infection. Not enough to make me sick, just enough to aggravate.

I would get a runny nose that stayed a few days or weeks and then go away. Occasionally, it I would get a ‘sinus headache’ (not the kind I got when I was drinking which at that time was a hangover…). So, I did not think anything of it.

Then, a couple of years ago, one of my teeth started to hurt and it felt like an abscess. Went to the dentist and nothing was there. So, I got antibiotics and got it cleared up. This occurred every couple of years. Same tooth, antibiotics, pain goes away.

So, today, I got  bloody nose that would not stop. I did the head down, pinch the top of the nose … All the time, with a bit of a runny nose which is from this old problem.

I finally realized that this runny nose was aggravating the bloody side and (along with the ibuprofen I have been taking) it would not stop bleeding.

So, once I stopped messing with it (blowing, picking, rubbing), it was able to clot and stop bleeding.

So, why did I go on that ramble? To tell you to pay attention to the small things in your life. Be your own health advocate, no one else will, they don’t know your body like your do.

Your doctor has too many patients to look deep into the details of your life without you telling them. Bring up all the small aches and pains to make sure they have a full picture of your health, that is the only way they can do their job.

I quit messing with it and the bleeding stopped, finally. We were able to sped a very nice day with family and friends. We went to one of our support groups (more on that tomorrow) and got some much needed love and support.

I realize I rambled a bit today, but that is what I am trying to do, tell you what is going on with my life, what you may experience if you are on this path. I am trying to take some of the fear out of the big ‘c’ by relating my experience, strength and hope.

I understand that the different forms of the disease will create different problems opportunities for each of us. I am just trying to show that it does not have to be the big fearsome thing that a lot of people believe it to be.