We headed to the airport, got bags packed and got a wheel chair. This is going to be an experience because I am usually the one that carries most of the bags and lets my wife enjoy the trip. But, with the Cancer and all, I cannot do that this time. So, asking her to (and being alright with it) push me thru the airports in the chair is a big deal.

I love her dearly and am of the old school that says the guy is supposed to take care of the girl as much as possible. This damned disease is taking that away from me.

Probably the hardest thing about being sick (so far) is that I sit around a lot and ask that she do a bunch of the stuff I am used to doing. This is because I am lacking a bunch of energy and strength. When we get back, I will begin riding my stationary bike to get my endurance back. That way I will be able to help around the house more than now.

This will be a two leg trip from Austin to LA and then on to Fiji and Auckland where we will be spending a few days. The fun will be going thru customs in LA, not something I am looking forward to, wish us luck.