For someone totally new to recovery (either from Alcoholism or Cancer) you may be surprised and/or put off by what you find here. I will be talking about many things that relate to GOD (not the religious one but the spiritual one) and recovery. Wander around for a bit with an open mind and see if you can see something that may sound familiar. Like we say in AA, ‘don’t listen for the differences, listen for the similarities’.

My name is Dave and I am an alcoholic that has been in recovery for over 28 years, and still find it necessary to attend meetings 3 times a week.

Recovery is not necessarily about the physical disease, it is about the mental disease. What goes on between my ears is what can kill me if I do not stay in recovery.

On my 69th birthday, I got a normal annual physical. My wife suggested that I get a chest x-ray as I had not had one in a few years. That showed some problems on my liver and lungs. So, I was sent to get more tests and they came back with a diagnosis of cancer.

I was told that what I have is treatable and survivable and I will be holding onto those two statements.

This blog is going to be my journal of my walk thru recovery, both from alcoholism and cancer. I am told that a thought precedes every action, therefor, I must stay aware of my thoughts or they will kill me.

What I will be doing is writing about how I go thru these diseases, what I use on a daily basis to maintain my sobriety, sanity and health. Some of that will include the products that I will use on a daily basis (possibly reviews of fruit juicers and inspirational books). So, full disclosure, some of the links in here will be affiliate links that may pay me a commission.

Bottom line is that I am just a stumbling down drunk that is trying to recover from ‘a seemingly hopeless state of mind and body’ and recovery from cancer.